Yo. I have a Cd


Pl0x Remove my CD. I play from a cyber Cafe. Light fluctuate hua and Light went off. Cd came for 3 days :frowning: Plz Help me Remove it.


Cooldowns cannot be removed unless its a server issue.


Plz Just once… This time. I never Leave a Pug. You can check. Light Gayi. I swear to god.


If you are at 3-days level of CD it means you’ve left lot of PUGs recently-

pug 	disconnect 	2018-07-11 14:58 	
pug 	disconnect 	2018-07-08 21:13 	
party 	did-not-accept 	2018-07-08 18:30 	
pug 	never-joined 	2018-07-02 15:10 	
pug 	disconnect 	2018-06-27 19:13 	
pug 	disconnect 	2018-06-22 18


Bro Bich me light jati hai. Just One time. I didnt spam on Discord. I came here. Light gayi … First Time here dude. Practise karna tha Esl and dew Arena ke liye. Kaise karu :frowning:


Ok. Done as a first time thing. When your power goes off again we’ll not be able to help. If power problems happen frequently to you then you can subscribe and limit the max CD period to 1 day.