Wrongly received cooldown



I queued in Play Lobby. But for 3 times the server didn’t launch, and when it did, it got shut down even before i connected and then i couldn’t avoid the cooldown.

Take a look at the screenshot.




While we make stuff more robust, some tips for next time to check if the server actually got created -

  • Look for (PLAY) games on the server browser that have just started
  • Also, when the “connect” thing is blank, refresh the sv browser and try showing the connect dialog from the cooldown warning again.


I’m facing the same issue and I’ve got a 6 days cooldown now :expressionless:


@xenonf how long had you waited after accepting for the server? From the server logs I see that your app was told about the server IP 3 seconds after you accepted -

6:51:56.180 PM: publish delayed job for playparty-5696042213834752/server_created: completed (took 30.693297ms)```


As far as I remember, I joined a match and was cancelled due to 1 player not being able to join within the time permitted hence the server shut down and I quit the game. Later when I logged in the SSTK app, All I could see was a 6 days cool down.
This has happened previously also.

I’d like to suggest they you guys should should enable selecting maps rather than preference. I know the number of people playing SSTK MM aren’t too much as of now but it would be great if you enable that feature because nobody likes to play de_dust2 all the time (happened most of the time since hardly anybody changes the order of preference)

Anyway thank you for the unban :slight_smile:


We will do that as soon as there are enough people using Play :slight_smile:


hey Shaan7, can you reset my cooldown, so next time when something goes wrong, or i abandon, it wont be 24hrs.
Another feedback is yesterday, server was created without SoStronk MOD. I know its a rare bug and was caused by a server side issue, not the SSTK Client bug. But there are still the things that needs fixing.

And i also like to suggest that when someone creates a lobby, can you make Map preferences to be randomized, because its Dust2, Cache and mirage all the time. I know, you can select map preferences but most people dont use that feature (Welcome to India) despite am telling them on each PUG.