Wrongly Banned On SoStronk

Hi SoStronk Support Team ,

I recently got banned from sostronk because i solo queued and got team mates who spoke some other language and they falsely reported me(you can watch in the demo they were telling to the opposite players that i am giving info which i clearly wasn’t at all, you can verify that) plus the opposite team player were also trolling and reporting me for the same reason(as my solo team mates were having fun by doing all that blame game on me ). I have never ever cheated in my life moreover i moved to sostronk for the same cheater problem on mm and was on 14 day trial , most probably was about to buy a subscription but now this manual ban happened that too because of such a match. you can watch my other PUG ( played only a few here) to verify the same, have been playing cs since years please undo this ban.

I hope you will look into this soon.
my profile link https://www.sostronk.com/user/sNiP3R

just started playing sostronk kindly dont give me a false ban @ start of my sostronk journey.
This is my first ever csgo ban on any server and i don’t know what to do.

the same thing has happened to me as well they ban me for no reason n then wont reply xD. well thats why they need an anti cheat :wink:

Thats why maybe you should stop using Aimware :kissing_heart: @OppaiSenpai


Also, for the record, people are not banned just because they got reported by the other team. There is always a thorough review process done by multiple people.
The ban stays.

@shaan7 thank you very much for the prompt reply. I really appreciate the effort you people are putting into cleaning the hacking scene without an anti-cheat it’s really a difficult job.

Can you please do me one last favour , i seriously didn’t cheat but may be my gameplay was fishy or something so can you please give me a round/tick to check why i was banned? I am really disturbed because of this.

That would be really helpful.

lol u just proved how unprofessional u guys are as u got false info from sm1 XD sad @akS
i got my answer thanks :wink:

Aww its ok. I hope that info serves you well.:wink:

What now again?