Why dm servers doesn't have head armour anymore?


please add head armour again. pistol are over power as it is in csgo and removing head armour in dm servers makes people running around in server headshotting you.


@ServerGuy y u do dis?


@shaan7 as an admin you shouldn’t try to troll and answer what is in the title. you are not made an admin to act like asshole.


@RAY3 who am I trolling here? I tagged the person who maintains the server configuration so he can check it out. Get to know the (w)hole facts before trying to post shit like that.


@shaan7 I apologize. the way you replied i thought you are making fun,mistook it completely.again sorry.

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@RAY3 No problem. We’re gamers ourselves so you can expect we talk very informally within our team :slight_smile:

@ServerGuy I saw you fixed the bug but you forgot to restart the DM :stuck_out_tongue: