Why can I not play from US?

Earlier I was able to play at 250 ping, but as of now it’s not letting me. It’s not even that I am performing bad in PUGS (pretty average compared to 5-50 pingers), but just that my friends(from India) and I play sometimes.

Can this be fixed?

They put a cap on the maxping you could have. Its 150 now. Honestly though @ 250 ping you are more of a liability to your team than anything else. Then of course, if you come around just to mess with people that’s a different thing altogether and if your team likes carrying you that’s so sweet! :slight_smile:

Well, I atleast play better compared to low pingers. Main motto is to play with my friends. Obviously I understand that people say you are messing around and team’s carrying me, but that’s not even close to what it is. Hope they would change it to 250-300, because there’s not a lot of players playing from different countries.

From what I heard they are working on allowing the maxping to be a user controlled option like our default MM option within CS GO itself or at least I hope they are. Cause I’d rather not play than play @ 200 ping. A lot of us ain’t as good as you with that sort of a ping. I wonder how you manage though. You related to Chuck Norris? Haha… jk doe.

From the US; man there are so many other options for you :wink:

Indeed, have a lot better resources to play here. Albeit, you just miss playing with your teammates sometimes. So yea.

Your right its fun to play with friends and in the end ping is just an excuse for your failure :stuck_out_tongue:

I am facing the same issue man. I want to play from US with my Indian friends but am unable to do so because of the max ping constraint.

@SulfuriC @_VeNoM1 we are going to start allowing pings up to 250 in the ping limiter as an experiment in the coming days. Look for an update.

That’s great ! I have already paid for this month’s subscription so I am not sure about what’s going to happen to the money I paid. Also I hope the update comes soon ! :slight_smile:

@_VeNoM1 the update is live.

Thank you !