While sostronk app is running, getting framming in csgo

getting csgo framming when sostronk app is on. pls help

same thing has happend after the AC update
the game is framming alot and is totally unplayable

Can you both state the machines you are using along with OS version and Antivirus being used.

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having same issue

We have noticed this issue with users running raw_input 0.

If thats not the case let me know. There is no definite solution/timeline for a fix as of now since we have 4 reported cases and are prioritizing the other severe cases first.

Since there is no definite time line for this - if you wish for a refund for the time lost. Please write to support@sostronk.com and a refund will be issued asap.

Yes i want it refunded as my time has gone waste trying troubleshoot this…!

i am using msi gaming laptop msi apache 7rf with windows 10 os