Which VPN should I use to access sostronk servers?

Hi, I’m from India . Currently the college net I use has blocked off some sites etc using Cyberom . Steam is one of them. But it’s partially accessable as some ports are open . Thus csgo is runnable and can play competitive. But the community servers and sostronk servers are inaccessible in game . What are the vpns that I can use ? So that it’s not detected as a cheat software or so in any case and I can use them to play on Indian sostronk servers ?


Like when I browse community servers and click on join on any server , others and even sostronk . My in Game screen is just stuck on connecting . But the connection times out . What VPN should I use ?

We don’t really have an official recommendation for a VPN. However, as of now feel free to experiment with different VPNs, you will not get banned for those.