Whats the point of ranks on SS?

Y the hell do you guys have ranks if match making is random?
Look at my last match, what is wrong with your freaking software?
Stop wasting peoples time with useless unbalanced matches like these , and if i quit i get a ban, total BS.

I’d rather wait 3 4 minutes for a totally balanced match then get a match with 2 silver cocks and 1 bronze serpent who have no clue what’s going on in the map. We can motivate and help them improve but it gets really 1 sided when the players in the other team are serpents or badgers. What good is the rank calibration then?

Are you ranting about this pug?


if you don’t mind me asking, are you like the official spokesperson for sostronk?

The matching algorithm which decides games, makes the best effort to give you a well balanced game. But that also depends on how many people are searching. If there are just ~15 players searching with varied ranks, the match might not be the best balanced one.


@STaLiAN1 Nothing’s wrong with the software. It can find you people from your rank only if there are people in the queue with your rank. We do all sorts of matching - according to rank + party composition + ping.

However, the final result will be good only if there is enough variety of people playing on SoStronk. This is something you can help in fixing by inviting more people to play on SoStronk.

We already do. If the queue has players very near your rank, you will get a match under a minute. If not, it can take anywhere around 5-10 minutes depending on the players.

A 5 man lobby vs 5 randoms doesn’t really seem quite fair especially when you have raging kids in your team does it? The least you can do is match a 5 man lobby vs another 5 man or atleast 3 man lobby + 2 randoms.
PS. 64 players were in que when this pug was found.

@Donvitoftw we already do that, its what party composition means in my reply above.

The order is as follows-

  1. Match 5v5, (1+4)v(1+4), (2+3)v(2+3) etc
  2. Match 5v(1+4), 5v(2+3) etc
    … and so on to the last step of 5v(1+1+1+1+1)

For every step in the order above, the system waits 1 minute. Ideally you should’ve got the game above after at least 4 minutes. Let me know if it was quicker than that and I’ll investigate.

I know what party composition means good sir, that’s why I posted what I posted. Playing against a 5 man pre made Malaysian lobby isn’t easy with 4 salty Indian randoms :sweat_smile: I got the match within 2 or 3 minutes at max.

@Donvitoftw I don’t see your alias on that PUG page, which one is it? (assuming its another account of yours)

https://www.sostronk.com/user/sh4zw0w This is the one.

Thanks. We have identified a corner case which we can improve to make these matchups better. It will be implemented in the coming weeks :slight_smile:


as fucking usual :slight_smile:

@STaLiAN1 again, this is not a bug. During low activity times the system has no choice but to give you a match with whatever 9 other players it can find. I don’t see what you expect to be done here.