What happened to the servers?


From here :

(Hongkong 1)

To here : No more hongkong.

What happened devs? we’ve been playing a lot of 5v5 lobby with my friends. but now the servers are messed up. Please fix it asap. Thanks



I don’t understand completely. We still have our Hong Kong servers (even in your screenshot you can see Hong Kong is there, though the ping is quite high 195 :frowning: )

Or is it that Hong Kong is there but server is not getting launched?


Before, there’s SG1, SG2, HK1 and HK2. but now there’s only 1 servers for each area like no more SG1 just SG2


Yes, it happened when we were testing multiple datacenters. Once we figure out which one gives most players good experience, we retire the other one.


Sad, you just retired the “other one” that gives us good ping/experience.


What pings do you get to and


The hongkong (1) server that you still serve (which where we lag)

The Hongkong (2) server that you retired where we had consistent ping. but now it’s gone. sadly. please bring it back!


up up up up up


Hong Kong 2 will be coming back soon. Hopefully that should fix the issue.


Yes, I highly believe that once the HK2 server comes back. our ping will come back also. Hoping it will be back asap


Up, please fix :frowning:



We will be bringing back HK2 very soon. We are talking to our providers atm.

Karan Misra


Douglas, we added HK-2 back today. Could you please check?


I can’t see that HK2 on the server list yet. but, The ping is back <3 Thanks sir


Welcome :slight_smile: