Welcome to SoStronk!


Welcome all Alpha Testers to the SoStronk forums.

We will be adding many new features over the next two months. Be ready to give your feedback on all of this.

This is going to be one of the primary means to communicate between the team and the testers. We welcome all kinds of feedback no matter how harsh it is as long as it is communicated properly and preferably in detail. Go crazy and test out the system completely.

Got suggestions? Follow the instructions in this post and submit your suggestions.
Got bugs? Utilize the bug system or follow the instructions in this post.

We would also love to have you in the same chat room as our core dev team for real time communication. To request such access, drop an email to support@sostronk.com with title “Alpha Chat Room” We will in turn send a chat room invite to the email in question.


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