Web based matchmaking

Can we have a feature that lets us use SoStronk Matchmaking from the browser (like FaceIt)? We can have the users download the Anti-Cheat client on their systems. This could lead to huge performance boosts since SoStronk client would no longer be required and players can enter the MM using the Steam Browser itself.

Plus, you can gain a detailed statistics of how many players queue up for a game and then leave it. Or how many people enter the queue and play the game (there are a lot of statistics tools like Piwik).

That is an invalid assumption. Having an app running on your desktop doesn’t mean there will be a performance penalty (unless the app has a bug which causes it to use CPU time unnecessarily).
Additionally, our app uses completely native API instead of browser based apps like those of FaceIT. This makes it less hungry on resources by default.

We already use a mix of Google Analytics and Mixpanel to track user interaction with our desktop app.