Want to report a suspected hacker..but how to do it :3

So a guy named evolve was wallhacking openly in sostronk match yestarday on the map train…atfirst i thought he wasnt hacking mayb…but after reviewing the demo i saw that he was blatanly walling…very easy to detect it if u see the demo…Admins plz ban him…Below is the link of the pug
Name of player:evolve

KING_HEAVEN :- http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198357531887/
he was walling and telling positions of opponents (i was in same team so its 100% sure thing)
i don’t know about the opponents are clean or not :confused:
please ban ,i don’t remember the names of other mods so @shaan7 @bleh sir please take appropriate actions

Thanks for the report @Kick4ss It’s been taken care of