Want to know something..about queing


So i was in queue for 40 mns but didnt get matches…where as 2 play matches started in between…still there were 9 ppl in queue so i kept on searching…i was spectating a play match…and as soon as it finished i saw there were 16 players searching…but then a bug happened…my search got stopped automatically and it should the “Go” button again and in between that i missed a play queue :confused:…so im asking admins if they know this bug or not…and also is it faster to get matches with full lobby???



Hi @Xpac,

That can happen if while you are searching there are other people who have similar IR and same pings to a single location, they end up being matched. It has happened to me as well, I’ve been ignored for a long time in the queue. We have plans of fixing this once we’re done with Ranks release. Basically the matching algorithm will give you preference if you’ve been searching for a long time.

The only place where a search stops automatically is when someone leaves your party - which couldn’t have happened because you were playing solo. Its a bug. Next time this happens please note the exact time (make sure your PC time is correct) and report it to us so we can check what went wrong.

It depends. It’ll be faster only if there are other parties with full members as well. The matching algorithm tries to match the stack on both teams.