Wall Hacker is sstk play

Matc id-https://www.sostronk.com/pug/6741052475572224

Suspected hacker id-https://www.sostronk.com/user/saudagar63

admin can u plz review the demo and see if this guy was hacking or not…coz he was hitting unusual shots through smokes and prefires everywhr…unfortunatly i cant download the demo…so plz chk and see if he was wall hacking or not! ty :slight_smile:

admin plz ban this hacker…i just reviewed the demo…he is wallhacking openly in everyrnd…even u can hear his teammate Swaggy calling him hacker…plz ban this guy!! @shaan7 @bleh

If u want to chk the demo…just chk the t side pistol rnd of him…ie rnd number 16! ty

admin ???

@bleh @akS @Nemz ^ demo is now available for this PUG.

yea i watched the demo…he was walling blatantly

@shaan7 why is this saudagar63 guy not banned

@Xpac Sorry for the delay, we have reviewed the demo. The user is banned, thanks for bringing it to our attention.