Verification error

m not able to open my sostronk account…its asking to verify the email address but im not able to find any mail in my inbox …plz fix the issue as soon as possible !!!
My email address abh**** is associated with the SoStronk alias RusTy.
For my other main sostronk alias SKull i had given same gmail …but now its showing already ur gmail has been taken !
can u please remove that gmail in alias RusTy ? im not able to login alias SKull …it is asking for mail verification and its not happening and im not able to change the gmail also…coz i have to verify gmail …help me in this as soon as possible please ! before i was able to login alias SKull…from yesterday its asking to verify ! please fix this

Hi @RusTy3,

We have replied to your on your support email.

I have deleted your reply which contains your email address. Do not post your email address on public place like this, spammers can use these.

But the same steam ID vl reamin in SKull also …will that happen ? can we
chang that ???
Or deactivate both id…so i can create new one using a…
abhisheknaidu9731@gmail.com1 and
steam id…so that i can play ???

oops sorry ! i didnt enter full gmail id n its showing … for the sostronk account SKull. this is the 3rd
email …add asap bro …

I am not getting a verification mail from Sostronk to my gmail account. I have tried recovery option also,it is not happening. Also I thought let me try by creating a new account with same gmail account,again didn’t get verification mail.this sostronk is my 3rd account with is verified account but i don’t want to use Steam id here. kindly help. my Username which is not verified is SurgicalGamer and i have linked it with my Steam Id. Another one is Awesomeness which I will not be using as it is not verified and steam id also not linked.

Conclusion: I want use SurgicalGamer which is Steam Linked but unverified.

Hello again shaan bhai. now i got verification mail for Awesomeness but i don’t want it. i want SurgicalGamer as it is linked with Steam id. kindly help. you can delete this username: Awesomeness and aryanbest (this id) if you can. thanks bhai,help karde yar. Note: I have not verified Awesomeness from my gmail account,so no problem in deleting i guess

@aryanbest as long as SurgicalGamer is not verified, the Steam ID is not linked with it permanently. Once you verify Awesomeness, you can go to edit profile, click Connect with Steam and the system will disconnect it from SurgicalGamer and associate it with Awesomeness.

Can I change username from awesomeness to surgicalgamer?

I can help you with that, let me know once you are done verifying Awesomeness and successfully connected your steam ID.

i have done that.i have changed my username from awesomeness to Vsurgicalgamer and aslo connected steam account.but i like steam account also its Surgicalgamer,Youtube:Surgicalgamer.if u can help

You can change the alias to SurgicalGamer now

why it is showing SurgicalGamer1?

you can see 2 tabs,one is with the name of SurgicalGamer1 and one is SurgicalGamer.

i am confused.