Unjustified CD again

please do look after my CD ban since it is not justified at all. We left the server at 24-21 and one of our teammate said match is not over yet and i joined the server immediately. After a minute or two a message popped up from SSTK saying the pug has been canceled and got 7days ban for it and in scoreboard it says we lose even though we were winning 24-21. But the ban is really unjustified since i joined before the shutdown of server :frowning:, moreover it is triple 7days ban in a row so please do look into the matter and re-consider the ban, and even all out teammates along with the opposition got ban(CD) for no reason.

PUG link:- https://www.sostronk.com/pug/5572655231270912
My ID:- https://www.sostronk.com/user/SHROOD

The cooldown wasn’t for no reason, it was for abandoning the game. This is what happened-

  1. After 24-21, the CT side abandoned the game.
  2. The server waited 3 minutes as designed and then gave a forfeit win to the players in T side
  3. Some players joined back, AFTER 3 minutes wait time had elapsed.
  4. Two players from T side had disconnected, they were given cooldowns as well.

Remember to watch the demo before jumping to conclusions and wasting time. Repeat offense can lead to ban.