Unbalanced mm Pug teams


Hey guys, i would really appreciate it if something could be done to make the play mm team more fair because for those of us who are not as good as others it is extremely tough when you land up in a mm pug against a full five man lobby of pros, at that point even the better players on the team are hard pressed to carry the others and it usually ends up being a very one sided affair. If something could be done to make it a bit fairer we would all enjoy it a lot more and would probably play mm pugs more often also.


Hi @maverick,

Thanks for your post, we have been slowly improving the Play system over the last month. Right now we do the following-

  • If there are 5-man stacks searching, we match them up with another 5-man stack. However, if for some time there is only one 5-man stack, we match them with others players (for example solo queue etc)
  • From whatever people are searching, we create matchups that have balanced IRs between the players on one side and the other side.

However, right now all of this needs lot of people from searching. Given that not a lot of people are using ‘PLAY’ makes it difficult to give a balanced match. We are going to request people to use ‘PLAY’ more often now that lot of the bugs are fixed and we are also going to disable Wizard PUGs for few days to test things out.

What we are doing in the future-

  • We are implementing a skill-based system using Glicko2 (similar to Valve matchmaking)