Try again SoStronk

From me an my friends experiences we have concluded that the servers are lagging, fps dropps and littered with cheaters. Fix this and it might be an option to esea or faceit. But right now SoStronk is like a Bot vs a Pro Player, It just wont happen

I’m out

Hi @Macho2

Thanks for the feedback. We are aware of some cheaters (I won’t say littered :stuck_out_tongue:) being present and we’re working on an AntiCheat for this. However, the server lag is something we don’t hear often. Can you tell us what Location you played on and what were the irregularities on the netgraph?
Similarly for FPS drops let us know what effect there was as you have mentioned that you’re able to handle other 128tick servers (FaceIT/ESEA). Till now we’ve not been able to “fix” the problem as we haven’t been able to reproduce it on machines that we tested on.

EDIT: Another thing I forgot to mention: We have not officially launched in markets such as the EU. The Frankfurst and Strasbourg are testing locations which were launched for testing on some EU players’ request.

I’m trying not to be a dick because I know how it is to start up a business, but I do not understand why you would release this now (maybe its because all the big tournaments are now) without a working anticheat on par with esea & faceit’s. When the biggest most important reason that 3rd party matchmaking services are turning a profit is that people don’t want cheaters? esea and faceit are already fighting over the few smart people who turn to 3rd party MM services, I just don’t see how this can work without offering equal or above quality than there already is.

And about the lagg, I understand the server is in beta etc, I am playing from Norway and was connected to frankfurst, ping was around 40-60, but that wasn’t the problem the whole server sort of just stopped sometimes for a very short amount of time, and it’s not related to my PC, I’m running an overclocked i7 5820k & 1080.

The whole experience included that I met 1 blatant cheater and a suspicious one, both with high numbers of suspects on in the first match just turned me away from this very quickly. And that’s sad for me because I really really enjoy your design and whole vibe of the thing before I started a pug.

Hopefully I can come back whenever the anticheat system is rolling and transition to this

Hopefully my feedback wasn’t seen as an insult and more of a harsh constructive criticism.

Thank you

Yep, that is exactly why we had no plans to launch in more mature markets like the EU yet. As I noted in my original reply we got bombarded with requests from folks in EU to launch some test servers. Now if you think about it, we would’ve have heard from guys like you if we hadn’t, so in the end it helped.

No worries, it was taken as the latter :slight_smile: Thanks and see you soon! (Don’t forget to follow us on for more updates, such as the EU launch)

In the “release this now” I was referring to the whole business meaning the part about the anticheat etc, not the EU servers

Ah yes, when we started off some time back we didn’t really have the resources to even think about an anticheat so we had to rely on VAC and EasyAntiCheat (the latter kinda stopped their support after few months). Right now we are in a better situation and in the process of writing our own AntiCheat but its gonna take a while.

Mumbai DM server has 10-15 % choke (ALWAYS)

@sukant79 Strange. I play from Bangalore almost every day on the Mumbai DM. And consistently get 30ish ping and 0% chokes and losses always.

In all probability it is your ISP. If the DM server was having issues, it would reflect for everybody.

No its not my ISP problem, Everyone in the Mumbai DM server have choke problem. You can try Mumbai server. I dont know about Banglore server because I never play.

You don’t seem to understand what I have said. I play every day ON the Mumbai DM server. And I do not have ANY chokes nor losses.

So when you say everyone on Mumbai DM has choke problems, it is a false statement. I also know for a fact that most of the players who DM on our Mumbai DM have no issues. So logically it has to be your ISP.

Many people including my friends gets Choke. I have heard many people swearing because of choke. You might me god . -_-