Troubleshooting Anticheat Issues

See the FAQ if you haven’t -

1. Anticheat Stopped or Anticheat Errored

There are various reasons why this can happen. Follow these steps to report an issue-

  1. Open Settings in SoStronk, go to the Anticheat tab and click the ? button. Take a screenshot.
  2. Open cmd as Administrator, type net start sostronkodinservice. Take a screenshot.
  3. If you get the error The Dependency Service or Group Failed to Start, then see 1A below.

Send all the screenshots you took above to and we will get back to you.

1A. Driver Signing Error (Applicable only on Windows 10)

We are fixing a potential signing issue with Microsoft. Till that happens, the workaround is to DISABLE Secure Boot from your computer’s BIOS settings.
UPDATE: This is no longer required. SoStronk recommends players to turn on Secure Boot when using Windows 10.

2. Installation error

If you get this (Error 0x430), it means something on your computer is locking access to Windows Services. Usually Uninstalling SoStronk, Restarting your PC and then installing SoStronk again works.

3. Anticheat causing FPS drops

FPS drops can be caused due to a variety of reasons. Since the release we have fixed some of these reasons and fixed the drops for the majority of our users. However, if you are still having LARGE FPS drops (for example your FPS goes down by 50%), please report it to us on .
Please include the following-

  1. Your Windows version
  2. Your Antivirus details
  3. FPS measurements with and without SoStronk Anticheat running (use