Trojan after eac update



Bitdefender total security 2016 detecting trojan after the eac update
every time i run the sostronk app my av detects trojan in temp files and deletes it asap

The worst thing is this antivirus never gave me false-positive and m using bd services from past 3-4 years
so it pretty much perfect antivirus

So idk if its false positive or anything else but it is bothering me like hell

Please look into it and ask eac to sort it out

@shaan7 @VuNaMi


Hi, you’ll find this useful


this doesn’t help and I got kicked in 3-4 sec. after joining the pug
now sadly I have 7 days cool down

solution please


@Kick4ss probably it’ll help you care to post what error you got? You’ve posted on two threads - this one talks about AntiVirus preventing EAC from running and the other thread talks about SoStronk asking to quit CS:GO. How am I supposed to know which one is your case?


whenever I start sostronk app it ask me to install eac which i already did
then my antivirus shows that a trojan in temp folder (deletes it automatically) even after adding game files to exeption and all things mentioned in link given above

I joined pug today coz i thought that i done all things as mentioned but i got kicked from pug saying that EAC is not running
I went to app and pressed the button “start” eac
but it didn’t started and i got cd for 7 days + its not started yet


Bitdefender will have some logs where it will contain the files it Quarantined, look for a way to report them as false positive.

I also found this link that you can try (However, you’ll need to disable Bitdefender completely for some time so that you can access the file its deleting)


the file name is different every time :pensive:


if i have to exclude then have to do the whole temp folder
which is not safe coz it will give other apps the place to play with


What I meant was, exclude the whole thing, get a copy of the file quickly (if there’s a pattern you can recognize), use to file the report and then enable your temp virus protection again.





Okay, so it looks like a GUID and given that its in the Temp directory, its probably where EAC extracts itself first and then copies itself to the Windows system dir and CSGO dir.
So, I think this should do the trick-

  1. First, exclude Temp completely and start installing EAC by launching SoStronk
  2. As part of installation, now your AV should not delete it from the Temp dir, after which EAC will be copied to the final dir.
  3. Now my guess is your AV will remove it from this directory as well. However, this won’t be a temporary directory, it’ll be something inside Windows or CSGO installation. Once you have this directory’s patch from Bitdefender’s log, exclude it from scanning.
  4. If your AV did infact delete it from the final dir, install EAC again. This time it shouldn’t get deleted as you’ve added an exception.
  5. If all is well and EAC now starts successfully, remove the exclusion for the Temp dir as you’re concerned about future security.


EAC is installed perfectly fine but when EAC starts it makes a temp file and (my AV thinks) this file have trojan so it gets deleted instantly and EAC stops :confused:


f*ck this shit until we find solution for this .I will make temp folder exclude every time I wanna play game so it won’t get deleted
But do something about my 5 days cooldown