Tried making the purchase for subscription. It didn't went through. But amount deducted



This thread is regarding the issues that I faced while making purchase for SSTK monthly subscription for ID

The payment got deducted once. But no subscription was received from your end. I tried again. Again, the amount got deducted and there was no subscription received.

So as a whole, the payment got deducted twice but subscription is not received.

Please check and confirm on priority basis.

Attaching the bank statement as a proof


Hi, Razorpay is reporting all payments failed to us. We have contacted them on what to do to solve this issue asap so that you can become a proud SoStronk subscriber!


shaan can you make ID as a subscriber as we have to play scrims. payment has been already paid twice.


Hi @THUNDERBOY, I saw this message too late, as I mentioned the Payment gateway shows us 4 failed transactions from you. We have contacted them and are waiting for a reply, either they’ll make the transaction successful (and then we’ll enable sub on your account), or they will refund the amount and you can try again.

Also, given you’ve tried so many times, can you tell me when exactly did the payment fail?


Btw @THUNDERBOY we have activated 4 more days of free trial so you can enjoy the features while we sort your payment issue.


Hi @shaan7 1st time why I tried to make the purchase I entered all the details in netbanking. entered OTP and everything but I mistakenly clicked cancel I don’t know how but still amount got deducted.

2nd time when I tried everything went through payment was successfully done but a SSTK page I got an error payment failed.

and Thanks for 4 day trial. I guess it will be sorted out in that time.


any updates @shaan7 ?


@THUNDERBOY they have initiated the refund to your account. It will be there in 3-5 working days.


@shaan7 thanks for the update. can you please confirm can we now buy subscription


Yeah there is nothing preventing you from doing it, please go ahead :slight_smile:


Hi @THUNDERBOY, we got another update from Razorpay. Instead of the refund they were able to process both your payments and you have 2 months subscription now. Congrats!