Toxic team members


My MM rank is Mg2, but can’t play peacefully due to hackers, so i went forward for sostronk, But here i am completely noob and i understand that, but story is completely different here.

From the first round everyone is screaming, after few rounds people become so toxic that I wanted to suicide., they rush without calling and expect backup and abuse.

People like sMg, 4kkkk who are in leaderboards think themselves as god. They dominate players and abuse all they way they like. I dont expect you to take action, but just as a feedback, take it.

Lastly, i request all pro players to be kind on your fellow teammates, you are not winning a worldcup here.



Thanks for posting this. It is true that some folks are toxic in-game and don’t go well with the team. In my experience I haven’t faced a lot of such folks when playing PUGs (however I don’t play that much). Usually you should try to make such players understand that griefing will just make the game go even worse. If that doesn’t help and they’re deliberately screwing up the game (by blocking etc), use .report for griefing.

Lastly, we will introduce a karma system in the future so that such players can be downvoted.


Thanks, that would be good. But for new players like me, they never show any respect, always swear in name of family etc., then report for no reason


Bro I can understand your situation I am also mg2 when I go alone I got le lem teammates and they r 2 much toxic I don’t even know how they go to that much rank no calls notching its better to go with your team now I go with my team so that opposition is also of same rank and team players also know us so no toxicity


i dont have my team, unfortunately.
I just mute them, they dont give any calls, rush and then abuse.
And if i am the last one surviving, they abuse more report me for griefing, wtf
You can add me, steam: prismc4

If somehow i adapt and take good kills, they abuse more, call me hacker, report etc


play mm


I play sostronk for a reason, no hackers.


Sostronk has cheaters lol it doesn’t even have a proper anti-cheat


We use VAC. Atleast we are transparent with our bans and pay attention to reports on discord and ingame. Some things can be fixed on feedback - As for the OP wait till tomorrow as we are releasing a fix that will help fix the toxicity problem somewhat.

Why are you even lingering here in the first place if you have nothing to contribute?