Timing change - KOTH Qualifiers


Hello there,

The current timing does not suit us as we have jobs during that time and two of our players will not able to attend it. I approached our opponents (Born 2 Kill) and their captain said that they are facing the same problem.

What I request, if possible, can you please change the timing of our match?
I am PaiN from Team Velocity ( https://www.sostronk.com/team/veLocity )

Anything after 8PM will be convenient for both the teams.


hello i am SID b2k`s current manager i confirm that we also have that problem 1 of our guy have office so it would be great if our match timing could be delayed


We’ll reschedule your match to 9 PM IST on 24/11/2015 Is that okay?


that would be great


9PM is absolutely perfect!