This stopped working




Download and install the latest version of sostronk. This worked for me :slight_smile: I had the same problem…


Pls link to download

#4 or


still cant


Can you give me some hints? When exactly does it crash? When you click something in the app or just when starting?



Weird, that usually happens if the installer is not able to contact . try the offline installer


still cant


Hmm, to fix out what went wrong I’ll need a crash dump from your Windows.

To enable crash dump reporting, create a folder called Dump in C: download and run the registry file from . Once that is done, run the app and when it crashes Windows will create crash dump files in C:\Dump.

The dump file is pretty big, you should first zip it up and then share it with using whatever you prefer - Google Drive, Mediafire etc.

SoStronk App Not working
Sostronk App running only in the background
SoStronk Not Working

but still cant m8


But you haven’t sent the crash dump file to us.


i was searching but i cant find the folder


Oh, you have to first create the folder, I had mentioned "create a folder called Dump in C:" :slight_smile:



Hi @Egilyu, can you send the latest dump file (SoStronk.exe.4568.dmp) to The file is quite big so you’ll need to use some file sharing service like Google Drive, Mediafire etc.


sure (y)