>>This is Utterly Stupid<<


Heey Admins !! am back !!

I Just want to talk a bit my old friends =)

SoStronk is the worst thing that Happened to CS GO … why ? read more

The Community us the Worst i have ever met … Every1 is SOO COCKY !! and they Talk as if they are more than GLOBAL ELITES while in fact they are Novas … and they swear waay to much … Such a Filthy Community , And that indeed is childish and disgusting every1 is lusting and Chutyieng at each other !

the Kick and trolls are real everytime you don’t understand a single Hindi work they want to kick cuz they don’t know how to speak 2 English words … poor kids didn’t attend School.

MARKETPLACE >> This is the biggest Joke … they let you order Pending For ages and ages … why this stupid mechanism? so you make a FULL background CHECK ?? so you see if this 2$ is worth spending or not ?? and ppl re PAYING HUNDREDS for Subscriptions ?? That is Some NEXT level of stinginess ! JUST MAKE A TRADE BOT !! to get our items instantly !!!

and for the admins … I MADE EVERY single ACCOUNT that was NOT A BOT ( NEW Gmail > NEW Steam > NEW SoStronk ) … in an hour ( a comp time ) I made like 35k-40k Points !! well that’s better than the 12 you will give me IF I win … lol , SO yeah I Absolutely Deserve the 35$ worth of skins I took from you From referring my Own accounts Without Having to Deal and Play with this Stupid Community.

Just a Fast Tip for the developer : When Referring someone MAKE it that the referred Person must at least login or verify his email BEFORE the referral owner gets the 500 points … Come on its that easy.

After Everything … There is a lot of Stupidity going around here from the app itself to the players … Enjoy your worthless time in SoStronk guys !!

I Assume this Post will Get Deleted cuz you can’t stand the Truth people.

1 more thing … Thank you @shaan7 you were polite and Gentle … and @bleh You are Meh.



bro it usually takes around 4 days to receive the item and yeah its true that indian community is toxic because i think they are frustrated asf because about 70% are hackers in Official MM and when they come to Sostronk for a game they get rekt by pros and fail to understand that it is the only way to get better… and yeah is u would go in ESEA u would not survive becoz people r more toxic there…