There is something very wrong with sostronk software


I got a CD without even getting a freaking match, the hell is wrong with your software? First i got a CD after match got cancelled, then i got a 2 hour CD for not accepting a match (which i couldnt accept btw)…what the hell is going on?


lol i mean CB the whole time :stuck_out_tongue:



Anyway, all software has bugs, and no matter how awesome things we do, bugs are inevitable. We have had those in the past, and players have helped us in fixing them. So calm down, we have checks in place which cancel cooldowns which are not deserved. And in case there is something wrong, you’ve posted in the right place :slight_smile:

Got a CD after match got cancelled

@assbuster your cooldown should be canceled now. To make sure we can fix bugs, can you explain what exactly had happened in the Play party for you due to which you could not join?


1st time around the match got cancelled as players dint join, but i got a 30 min ban.
2nd time…i searched for a match in the play party area,i got a match but was unable to accept it, i thought the lobby got bugged, so i closed it to re-open…but after i closed it i got a message on top saying cool down (CD :P) will begin in 45 seconds…and 45 seconds later…2 hour ban.


Sostronk CD’s are progressive, so, for clarity, if uve resetted it, next time IF i leave a match due to a power cut or something else, it should be 30 mins right?


I haven’t deleted the records of your disconnects (which are used to calculate the cooldown level) because I need them to find out why the bug you described happened. If you get a high level cooldown, just reply here and I’ll lower the level to 30 mins.


I got a high level cooldown with the same error. I made another thread and also replying here…let me know what is going to be done.