There is a bug in PUG n WIN ASIA #1


my points are decreasing i had 10 but now it’s 7.5


Yea, There is some bug in those leaderboards section. Me and psy played like 5 games in a row. Now he has 8.5 points and I’m leading at 11. Please check this out asap, ty.


It should be 12.5 now but it’s 5.5 and excali’s should be 12 but it’s 9


We are trying to boost @Aequitas to be on the top and its causing some bugs xD

On a serious note, all the PUG data is correct, only the scoring has a small bug which will be fixed soon (i.e. all the PUGs’ scores will be corrected, don’t worry)


that’s why we love you <3


if it’s updated now it’s still wrong lol it should be 15.5 or so and i am at 10.5 :3


Ze bug is fixed right now. Check the updated leaderboard.