The vicious circle that is Dubai


Hey Guys,

So the Bangalore server was taken off just immediately after some of us guys from Dubai sought solace in it. Here’s explaining why the Dubai server is a farce and you guys should re-consider investing that money in a more region appropriate manner.

Find a location which can give us somewhere between 70-90 ping from India/ME and I am sure Mumbai does have such a location via-a-vie Mumbai Valve Server/D2D :slight_smile: Take off the Dubai server cause you guys know as well as we all do that its an attic full of cobwebs. A few of us had just begun using the Bangalore server with around 55 ping and playing some games when finally that was taken off and I swear to god I paid my 5 bucks 2 days before you’ll did that cause I was hoping to continue on it, meh :frowning:

Please re-consider how you want to handle your ME user-base. Dubai server is a wasted investment from a PUG point of view at this point in time. If you have other things you’ll have on there, then cool :slight_smile:

Dubai server or india or singpore on Sostronk ? bad ping +200

India Test - 39 ms from Dubai FYI. Whatever it is… works :slight_smile:


Hi @Shivum,

Bad timing with the Bangalore location being discontinued, there were operational issues and we had to move to Chennai. As you said, a lot of our investment into the Dubai server was in vain (which kinda surprised us as a lot of players from your region were asking us to launch there). After burning enough funds, we had to shut down our Dubai location as well.

As for Mumbai, we have been looking for a provider which can offer better pings for ME folks but it’ll take some time to happen as the bad reception in Dubai has left us questioning the region’s potential.

Thanks a ton for the feedback though :slight_smile:


@shaan7 - Just @Ryuk btw, posted with this ID by mistake. I had another account and wanted to play on it :slight_smile: Well good to know that the Dubai server has been shut down. I would really not want you guys to lose anymore money on there. I am surprised too by why the reception was so poor considering I hear a TON of this region guys go cry at other platforms.

Question is - considering that we have Chennai/Bangalore/Mumbai to choose from; you guys could probably run proper tests from Dubai on the long run to find out what would suit the MEA region. Mainly UAE/SA/Kuwait/Qatar etc. I know you guys have done enough for us but I still ask for more.

Let me know if in case I can be of any help. BTW - noticed your ADS on the ongoing Minors, felt good for some reason.



Ah damn, I thought another fan from ME xD

About the tests, yes that is what the test IP was for. Lets see what we’ll manage to pull off.

Oh, and more ads coming up, stay tuned :smiley: