The new software


The new App for SosTronk is slick and so sick!! I love it. I tried playing some PUGs but uhm, all of them seemed full. Not quite sure how I could go by like a MM queue like Valve official or FaceIT or something. I read/saw that matchmaking was now an option; is it still waiting to be launched?

Kudos for the new app (the look and feel). Going by the threads here we seem to have some bugs but that’s alright I guess. You guys will fix em’ all!


Hey Ryuk,

Thanks for the kind words. You can click on the PLAY button (the big orange one top of the app) and that should take you to our MM queue. Just click GO and wait while we match you up with other players. You can also select your map preference.



Thanks! I’ll try that today.

Once again, Kudos!