The hacker Sandy

lol man common! a guy having inventory value of Rs 50,000 will hack? are you fucking out of your mind? i mean seriously which drugs you have been taking lately? saste nashe? idiot of the year! before calling someone a hacker at least provide some evidence and dont say “i experienced some unexpected movements” dude are you gaben ? everyone is having different gameplay style ! even you do, that doesn’t mean he’s cheating! and before you post such shit try to give evidence in virtual format such as video clips so that other people can decide what are you actually trying to prove here! and take my advice if you practice more and more, more people will report about you because its just that you’re better than the people who are reporting you! goodluck!


Sandy is not a hacker. Why would a person risk his 50000rs inventory ? He is a good player he dont use hacks. He plays his game with full dedication and he has practiced it alott if u think he is hacker that is just a compliment for him i m sure he is not a hacker :smiley:


doesnt make sense to target someone for wat he is not doing. we have playing for months now and i havnt seen him playing this good before and 100 percent legit.

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Clean af.Getting rekt doesn’t mean opponent is hacking.Grow up.

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Hahahaha . csgo in india simplified . GET REKT by player means hes hacking ! NICE . csgo India is going places .
and just for the record SANDY is clean .

are you fuking kidding me? hes the one of best-est player of udaipur rajasthan. he own a gaming cafe powered by nvidia r u crazy or out of ur mind? dude fkn0 you got live vac ban in arm race server i am shaurya and now u r blaming others, dude clam down and relaxx take a bath in a cold water i saw his game on lan hez insane assaulter. sandy malhotra ne jitna dedication se practice ki he uski team k sath hats off to him. ye banda lan par aakar solo aim maps me practise karta tha i remember those days aur vo b ghanto. aur bhai element tu to noob he bhai matlab tu aisa banda he jo thuk kar chaat le. chod tujse to baat karna hi bekar he silver he tu dm me bot tujse accha score bana lete he sorry to say but its true

aise chutiye post karte rahenge sandy bhaiya aap apne game par diyan do bas. we r with you aur inko batao vo brutality vs you guys wala match, inse haar bardasht nai hoti he agli baar samne aae na to aise bots ko 16 0 harao sale pagal k pille

No bro he is clean now !

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dnt jst get rekted n conclude sum1 as hacker…spec and then check…bc experience naam ki bhi koi cheez hai market me…naya nahi hai…aise mudda uthate kyu ho agar solid evidence bhi na ho…pehle accha team banao…khelna seekhlo fir dusro pe ungli uthao…bc india k top 10 team me se koi ungli uthay toh manu…bc aukad kya hai tumhari…pehle banao limelight pe aao fir baat karo chutyo…

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ye lo apne dost ki vac ban id lo
aur chatto uski ache se
mai tum logo ko dost bolu ya old team mates uske…? tu alag se id le bhai ye le tere best player udaipur ki id aur sunn ab koi tournament ho udaipur ka btana mujhe aa kr phr baat krenge teri sandy bhaiya se le bhai evidence bhai … aur video chaiye toh btana bnanunga thk hai

haarta toh tu roz h beta … skill less d2 player … hack krne ki aukat hoti h tum jaiso ki baat jab post ki aaye toh apne team mates ko muh utha kr le aaye yha apne aap ko defend krne … kyu khud mai zore ni tha …??? gandi gaaliya dekr tu defend ni hoga beta … aur jo mumbai jaane ka bol rha h be tu inn sab ko jaane k baad inn logo ko aukat dikh jaayegi teri uski chinta ni hai mujhe …

tu bhi le teri id bht der se maang rha tha ye mt bolna teri ni hai uska bhi proof h beta

XDD noob pakda gaya

i have some evidences, may be these are enough. click on the link below for more details -

lol everyone know sandy has got an id vac banned if u actually were not cheating then why would u lie? Honestly i dont think he hacks but the fact he lied to us abt his id not being banned makes anything he says inadmissable as he can no longer be trusted by the community. He’s clean tho 100%

ha tu toh harayega na hacks se ez

I can see sandy is not a hacker but he is a abuser so dont say any 1 hacker u can say him trash talker zzzzz

Used to get matched against this stupid guy called “sAndy” in MM he usually lobby with other cheaters and got VAC ban.

and recently i met him in ss and we won lol he started shittalking as usual and even left very cute comment in my steam profile along with his friend.

I Approve of this :smiley: