The hacker Sandy

i m here to talk about this guy he is hacking almost from 6 months. tired of giving reports please work on my report. this guy used to play with name “sANDY” in past he also have ban in his other main id … his profile

You kidding me bro?

@vjpower weren’t you and the guy who was like 5th or 6th on the leaderboards teammates? And didn’t he get banned? Just curious…

@VjPower bro I m pretty sure he and his team they really do.
I watched his game and even I experienced those unexpected moments , push from anywhere and the most important thing pre fire not just on particular spot only where the player holding or hiding .
I amazed you didn’t noticed

Yes he is

Exactly. If you reportrd my teammate(who was 5th or 6th), then that wouldve been fine. But never thought someone would call sANDY a hacker.

alright ty muje bht khushi hui he ye sunkar ki me hack karta hu thanks for making me happy tu jab jab samne aaega tab tab me tuje haraunga aur gandi tarha se. and han one more thing bro my inventory cost 50000 inr and humai sari calls server me hi hoti he na ki ts par. aaj ki date note kar le 8/16/2017 kabhi vac nai lagega likh kar lele steam id to he hi tere paas. ek nashihat he dusro ko hacker bolne se accha khud khlna seekh le bot


There’s no need to yell, you use to hack and you have a vac on your previous id so, there’s no need to abuse have some dignity.

Moreover, i don’t think ki ab krta hai.

this is my main id since i installed cs go. can u give me the link of vac id of mine previous one? and no one is yelling i rekt him every time pug or scrim. he is yelling saying me hacker not me.

he is clean bro calm down there’s no need for such drama, calling someone hacker is easier… if you really like the game then consider him a good player and play… it’ll improve your skills and patience! Cheers!

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Actually you don’t deserve to be here … and i am not gonna blame you for your loving talk here but i am gonna blame your roots

bro bro bro just click uninstall and download super mario. ad. mario is in now multiplayer mode


Sandy is the type of person who will try to insult and yell at other people who try to have a normal conversation with the community.His intellect is too low to prove his point without using cheap and abusive language.
I’d like to bring the fact to your notice that Sandy has already been VAC banned previously.Now we know that everyone needs to be given a second chance but we also need to be aware of the fact that this is a matter of cheating in CS:GO.We all know that he’s got a knife in his inventory but what we don’t know is whether or not he still has his hacks.There have been many instances when Sandy and his friends have accused a player in the opposite team including me XD .He’s got a weird dislike towards us and many others. Im pretty sure that he doesn’t hesitate to toggle his hacks against us or a possible cheater in order to win the match. We all should have an open mind and consider the possibility that Sandy is a hacker.
Kudos to my friend and teammate Fkn0wned who is trying to bring this matter to the notice of the community.Sandy has been VAC banned previously and shouldnt be allowed to participate in online tournaments.

tu kya rokega be?
fknowned a.k.a mr.supercool bhen ka loda arms and race me vac ban khaya and public ko kehta overwatch padha n lift hgaya hahahaha hum sab chutiye hai na bc??? supercool ko arms and race me vac lagne ke baad to use csgo delete krke apna pc bhangar me bech dena chayihai…chutiye lowlife kids … and bhen ka bhosda unki jo supercool ko support kar rahe hai itni bakchodi karni hai lan pe 5 player leke aajao sandy aajayega udaipur se mumbai tournament khelna … no regrets … sab maa chudao :slight_smile:

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plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give me my vac ac link can u ? do u have? no then stfu mat and get rekt everytime in pug/scrim. dude element do u really think m hacker? seriously u r that noob? i mean come on, dude tu janta he hi tu muje nai hara sakta iska matlab ye he ki tu ek player jisko vac nai pada he vo mera id nai tha bhai me bol bol k thak chuka hu ye mera main he aur dusra mera smurf dono k link dekh le 4000 hrs ka bhai chill kar koi kisi ko abuse nai karta. relax braaa ek din aaega jab tu muje harega bas? khush ? aur tuje kya lagta he sstk k admins ne muje spec nai kiya hoga ? muje log mere naam se hi report kar dete he braa. relax happy fagging

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He aint hacking bro , take his steam 64 ID copy paste in your mail , keep it . You will have a track of his ID , he wont get banned coz i know he aint hacking not becoz i saw his inventory but becoz i know he aint hacking

bhai tuje mera game dekhna he i can come to mumbai i can take leave for one day and take flight to come or udaipur me koi tumhara jaan peichan ka ho like him j udaipur ka he isko bol do aajaega lan par. aur weise b udaipur me tournament hone wala he 1v1 ka so him j se milna to ho hi jaega. vo tumhara team ka member he na shayad hee will tell u truth. bro vac tu khaya he arms race me aur tu logo ko bolta he ki tuje overwatch laga aur lift ho gaya? lmao? dude shame on u fkn0wned. sharam kar le bhai samne itna mitha bante ho aur pith piche ye cuz nai jeet sakte to wah

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