The Fault in the new revised IR

It is nice that SoStronk has added a new system of IR. But it its really weird that you guys have not divided our ‘original’ and ‘old’ IRs by 10. For example, I used to have an average IR of 11.00. Now im getting low IRs like 1.2 and 1.4 which has pulled my average IR down to 10.9 or so. Its kind of weird. You could also have divided everyone’s IR by 10. Now everyone’s IR will drastically decrease. The new players will experience a more drop than old players as their played games are less. Please consider dividing our average IRs by 10. Thanks.


The average IR is going to be changed in few days. ([Teaser] Rolling IR instead of life time average). The new system is better at showcasing performance compared to the previous one. Look out for an update/blog about this soon.