Suspected waller in pug again :(

Pug link:
suspected hacker:
Round number 7…see him not facing mid awper as he knws some 1 is peeking and also in same round see him double scoping exactly at 1:14 at top mid lamp post as the t is about to cross…also in the same round see him tracing the next kill by scoping throught the double doors blatantly…next in round number 10 see him prefiring the t awper even before picking at 1:43…and next see round number 14…i only spectated 15 rnds and to me he seemed like a blatant waller!! Rest is up to you guys !! :slight_smile: @shaan7 @akS
see this pug,which i was spectating and saw that he was walling even more blatantly lol…


thank you admin

another rage hacker using aimbot auto bunnyhop instant headshot
player profile:
he was queued with

@akS plz see this again kindly :slight_smile: