Suspected hacker in a team we played in a tournament


we had a match against 4mercial in the starter cup phase 3. We’re pretty convinced that one of their players Cujo was walling. After the 10th round this guy’s every round is shady and you can clearly see him scouting the enemies.
Can you please check the demo. Thanks!

Esl team link :
Sostronk Match link :


Hackers in sostronk

@shaan7 @Nemz please check guys it’s really important!



Did you guys raise a match protest on ESL?



yes! ESL ADMIN BULLS says he’s clean! :'D



okay just putting it out for the admins.
10th round : Kills the b main awper normally. Sees the other guy isolated and distracted repeeks perfectly and kills the enemy.
14th round : Pushes the squeaky guy seeing he’s alone and kills him.
18th round : Kills the cubby guy after scouting him and having no info about his position after clearing the basic angles leisurely.
20th round : This round is an absolute joke. Avoids the 2 guys in a main through the smoke and pushing after 1 guy falls back.
21st round : Absolute genius by the guy. Crouch pushes through a main avoiding the guy in nbk, kills the highway guy then no scopes the nbk guy without even knowing where he was initially.
22nd round : I have never seen an awper just casually push squeaky without a care in the world and exactly know where the a guy is without caring about anyone being highway or anywhere else.
26th round : You can see for yourself.



Seen the demo thrice the guy looks very shady… It seems like he is trying to play safe and hide his walls