Support System Sucks


Its Been ******* ~~ 3 Days After i made Thread here still no solution given and no replies are given thank you sostronk for ******* up scrim events remove your anticheat ******* doesnt work and your servers kicks me saying your anticheat should be running in background ******* make a perfect anticheat or else remove this shit gave all the info required for anticheat fix on email gave my sostronk logs since then no response no solution GREAT SUPPORT SOSTRONK :slight_smile: No REPLY ON EMAIL AS WELL AS THREAD OF MINE


Warning: Use civil language on forums and other support channel. Future infractions will result in support abuse ban.


We do not have an official SLA where we are required to respond immediately. We try to normally respond in 1-2 business days but can that be delayed in cases or regional/international holidays.

I fail to see how running a CS:GO platform without an Anticheat is a solution. Please elaborate.

Where do you get that from? There are 200+ players in-game right now with most of them with Odin on.

Constructive suggestions towards that are welcome, create a post under