Suggestions for some new options regarding PUG servers


So I just had 3 matches on this SoStronk platform and I have some suggestion/feedback:

  • Please enable knife round. I strongly suggest this option, even it is a PUG server.
  • Please allow the server creator permission to do a 10 man PUG match. Some thing like:
  • Give the server creator admin right to enable 10 man pug by command: .10pugmatch or something similar. Most matches I played today was at a PC pub cafe which consist of a lot random people, but we still play competitively, so adding this option might be a good idea. As well as allow the server creator to enable or disable friendly fire when this command is ON.

  • After the above command is ON the admin will have the power to kick any player he want even in warm-up (we do not want any random player to join the server, only people that is allowed to)

  • Admin command to modify the death notices dialog. Such as .dmgrep X (damage report), which X is a value like 1 2,…etc; for exemple value 1 is the default value just like in valve’s match-making, value 2 is disable that health dialog after you die and do not show any damage report on console either ( just like ESEA pro scrims), value 3 and it will show all the damage done and receive and the end of each round like in CEVO. I hope you get what I mean.

  • Add in-game report command for toxic players,…etc.

That’s all, if I can think out any things else I will do more feedback. Thank you the dev for reading these.


If i didnt know any better, that sounds like you want your own private server :smiley:

Cool idea though ^^


Atleast be able to mod to damage report dialog is good :smiley: