Suggestions and Queries about 2.0 update


Hello Sostronk,
Since you guys have just released the new update I Have some small suggestions which I would like to see in future.
1.(Query)Is it possible to add Airtel money for purchasing Subscription in future because most of players (I Think including me) are students from School and colleges So we don’t know/how to use pay-pal account,add funds to it…
Airtel money is much more easier and convenient for us.
2. (Suggestion) Redesigning your website,try to make it as same layout and of your app.
3.(Suggestion) For after match the stats page,i play on 800x600 and i can’t close the page,I have to restart the game.
Thank You.



All 3 are valid points. And we are working on all of them. For the third point you can add cl_disablehtmlmotd 1 to your cfg.


1 more thing.The app size cant be changed so it is wider then my desktop size so please render that issue too.