Suggestion - Server Browser

The current functions of these button are weird.

  • Join should automatically connect you to the server and minimize the SoStronk App.
  • Copy Address should do the current work of Join (Provide full IP with connect)
  • You can hide the IP in Copy Address Button.
  • Remove the extra grey space.

We should be able to give this as an optional feature (which can be enabled from Settings). The reason we don’t automatically launch CS:GO is explained here.

That will be incorrect because connect is not part of the address, only the IP:port is. The idea is that people who want to join the server will use the join option. Copy address is when you need to copy the address for other things.

Any particular reason for that? It makes it faster to inspect the IP instead of having to paste it somewhere else.

Weird, its not supposed to be there (and isn’t there on my app :P). I’ll check with your account.