[SUGGESTION] Remove Download Update pop-up



As the title says, I’m suggesting that you guys remove the Download update + Apply update pop-up. The game gets minimized whenever the download update or apply update pops up and it is a bit frustrating when it happens in critical moments during a match. I’d rather have my app give me info about updates when I open the app rather than it automatically minimizing my game and forcing me to check that there is an update and apply it. Its really frustating :’( Hope you can fix it :smiley:



Ikr, it is so frustrating when you get yelled mid game for afk’ing.


Thanks for bringing this up. To be honest we were not aware that such a thing is happening. Its a issue with very few players. We tried to reproduce this on our systems in vain. Its a bug on our end. We’ll let you know once we fix or get a workaround.