Suggestion on adding new features/division Sostronk match-making/PUG

After playing a lot of sostronk matches, I think there should be certain changes in the match-making process of sostronk, so here are some suggestion which I think will be much helpful and also most of the people will agree.
I’ve been spending time on this since 2 days and I hope you guys find it appropriate.


Dividing the making-making according to the ranks,
here are some groups which I have dividing according to which match-making should occur.

  1. Groups


The reason behind making such groups will increase the chances of individual to rank-up, as the rank-up process highly depends on the win-rate of the matches, and also it will help in improving his overall skills.

I have and also most of us have experienced unfair matching. Lets say for example, yesterday i got 2 non-ranker and 1 chicken against badgers , in the end it was hard time for me to win. This have happened hundreds of time, and this thing also happens in reverse order.


Additional feature to the match-making

The feature which i am going to talk about is already introduced to Sostronk, For Example:

  • When a next-player finds a Sostronk-Next match , he can see how many players of NEXT group are in the queue and as well as he can see the current NEXT match going on. By this he can estimate the time of waiting in a queue.
  1. The same thing I suggest to add into this match-making/PUG. [I would like to explain my point through an example].
    -Lets take my rank which is King-Cobra, so according to group which i have mentioned above, I belong to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Group.
    -So at the time of finding the PUG the player-count in queue should belongs to (2nd,3rd and 4th) group as well as it should also highlights the servers in the server-browser which are currently LIVE of (2nd,3rd and 4th) group.

People in the lobby with huge rank gaps.

  • A new Division which contains two sections, i. Un-ranked , ii. Ranked.
    1. Un-ranked section: Here, no criteria for ranks or groups. If an individual is choosing for un-ranked section he/she can experienced fair or unfair matching-making fully depending on the players in the queue.
    2. Ranked section: Here, each and every criteria mentioned above is applied and match is paired.

I am fully aware of the time it takes for implementation and the consequences of this implementation as our community is not huge in number to make this happen but please consider it…

There are certain Pros and Cons of implementing this thing. [Well I am only going to talk about the benefits and expecting the cons from your side in the reply.]

  • Improve overallskill.
  • Reduce Toxicity, as the people will belong to the same skilled-gap.
  • Somehow it will lean to develop a competition and a strong community as the people will start knowing the competitors belonging to their environment.
  • Every match will be a new learning for the beginners.
  • It will also effect the buys of subscriptions as it will be more worth it.(if you guys can add a Ranked section for subscribers olny.)
  • Hackers will be pissed by this.
  • Much easier for the overwatcher to classify a smurf and a hacker.
  • Interest in sostronk from other regions will increase.
  • Leads to Sostronk Major 2020. :smile:

fell free to correct me where i am wrong and please consider it and have a talk with a sostronk team, sorry for bad structure and grammar of my englando.

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Thanks for the detailed feedback. Here you go,

Our matchmaking system already creates groups of ranks as you have mentioned and attempts to match up similar ranks. However, if you there aren’t enough players of similar skill in the queue, an “unfair” match is given out after waiting for few minutes.
In other words, the problem is not the matchmaking process, its less diversity in the players in the queue. There are other threads on this forum where I’ve explained this. For example see Whats the point of ranks on SS?

Internally we do maintain separate queue for different rank groups. However, in the app we show the total count. We will consider adding more detailed info there as you have suggested.

As explained above, the biggest factor behind bad quality matchmaking for us has been less variety of players in the queue. If we introduce an unranked queue then this variety will just become worse. We might do an unranked queue in the future once we have enough players.

Same problem again. A sub-only queue will have lesser players which means lesser variety eventually leading to unbalanced matchmaking.

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