Suggestion: Improving the 'In Game Role' section for Teams


Being able to add 'Team Roles’ and ‘In Game Roles’ for team members is a great way to soup up your team profile, and adds a fun element to the team making process.

I’d love to see the ‘In Game Role’ section being improved upon.
The current list of ‘In Game Roles’ is not exhaustive a lot more roles could be added, (and adding them would be pretty easy a task).

Also, some of the current role names aren’t appropriate in my opinion. Like, in CS Go we have AWPers, we don’t like calling ourselves Snipers. We have Bomb Carriers, not C4 Porters.

We could even have multiple roles assigned to same player or a skills column where we could put titles like ‘Pistol Master’, ‘Deagle King’, etc.

I’d love to see this section being improved and SoStronk in general improving and getting more popular.

Cheers. :smile: