Suggestion for sostronk practice servers


Hello SoStronk,
This is SNIFFY, I am a regular play pugs,scrims and do practice on your servers.
I would like to draw your attention towards the betterments of your practice servers with the following points
-make sv_grenade_trajectory 1 available which allows us to see there our grenade,flash,smoke lands(especially for trying to make some new pop-flash)
-whenever an random guy try to join the practice server the round just restarts,which feels a little bit annoying
-allow us to add bots so that we could practice wallbangs and stuff (when we do solo practice)

This things might make better expericence for the gamers
Thank you.


Hey Sniffy,

  • Grenade trajectory is bugged out in CSGO even now. As in, only yourself or a spec can see the trajectory but not your teammates in the server. Until Valve fixes this there’s nothing we can do (trust me we’ve wanted this since day 1)
  • Since we have scenario based practice defaults (like pistol round, eco, etc) if a new payer joins it affects the round, hence the restart. Also this is a very rare case I assume.
  • Adding bots for practice is something in the works

Thanks for the feedback!


@SNIFFY just to be sure, when you say “random guy” are you talking about someone from your team or somebody else (who will get kicked out).
If a person outside your team joins, he gets kicked but if the round restarts because of that then its a bug.


@shaan7 yes whenever a random person(who is not in my team) tries to join,the round restarts & sometimes ita annoying because in every 5-10 min some random guy connect purposely


Ok, we’re checking this one


We tested this issue, and were unable to reproduce it.

Next time you’re in a practice server and this happens, let us know ASAP while you’re still in the practice server so we can check what’s happening and hopefully resolve it.