Substitute PUG system

How about creating a pug system,where a person can join instantly and dont have to wait 2 mins 30 sec for other person to get a cooldown.If nobody subs the leaver in 2mins, then the cooldown comes into effect.Wouldnt this be cool? Just my opinion

What happens if someone leaves, a sub joins and then the original guy tries to join back?

i dont think we should give any priority to those who leave, you leave the pug you lose the slot.

We don’t want to give any priority to people who leave, but what if somebody got timed out because of network issues?

They join another pug :>

They can’t, otherwise people will keep jumping from one PUG to the other, even worse.

How about , if you disconnect then you cant join the game until the pug in which your disconnected ends ? So in this case, the disconnected player cant jump on to the other pug, sure we can keep a minute wait time, 3 minutes is a stretch imo.

That is quite good for leavers, they just need to wait for one PUG to finish and they can start playing again. Much less than the cooldown we give right now.

About the slot reservation time, a lot of other players have said exactly the opposite, that 3 minutes is too less and it should be 5 minutes and so on :stuck_out_tongue: . We had arrived at the 3 minute number after a lot of discussion because its very close to the total time of restarting most routers (or, your computer) and reconnecting back to the PUG.

Not sure if i actually know your point of view on cool-down time, nevertheless what i mean by “3 minute is a stretch is” is basically it makes the team play 4v5 for at-least 3 rounds if not more, which really can change the outcome, or even frustrate the players ( i know a lot do get irritated, typical Indians xd) so that’s what basically i mean, if you give a minute cool-down, most probably we are at a loss of 1 round(4v5) which does make life easier for other players in pug.Then you may say what about those who leave ? They will get a successively(not sure if this is a word) increasing cd, so the solution would be what i wrote above just wait out for the pug you left to end.

I guess i explained my pov :slight_smile: ?

Ah, you are thinking that we do not understand that the 3 minute thing causes problems in-game. Well, thats wrong, unlike a lot of other eSports companies, we are all CS:GO players ourselves. We understand that it is frustrating to 4v5 :wink: If it didn’t, we could have put even 5 minutes, or 10 minutes.

In other words, on one hand 4v5 for N seconds has bad impact on the game, on the other hand N seconds should be enough for a genuine timed-out player to join back and finish the PUG.

Its all about the N above ^ , it has to be a balanced number to be fair, you can’t make it too low and you can’t make it too high. (In Scrims and Matches we simply pause the match but that won’t work in PUGs, again)

We can discuss on whether N=3 is the correct number though. As I explained, we arrived at 3 by calculating the average time a person with a genuine network or hardware problem would need to join.

You are not wrong, but i dont actually think that we should care about the genuine disconnections or rage leavers.I think you should keep it simple, you leave the pug you lose the slot.I think there isnt any need to balance such things since its just a pug game afterall.

having to wait for a guy to disconnect is really annoying specially if the game is close…

I have another suggestion, how about add a pause command or just simple add a bot? :slight_smile:

The reason there is no pause is because that would be too much for a PUG and will cause even more people to leave the game, making the problem even worse.

(@Aequitas feel free if you want to add something)

I know this sound unbelievable but handling a CS:GO bot is the most difficult thing for any 3rd party system (like SoStronk), it creates dozens of other bugs that we’ll need to handle. Not quite simple, I’m afraid (@powar can chime in here)

Maybe put the cd system like this, if a player DC the game he have to wait to play/join sv till that particular pug is over.

Or stretch 3 min to 5 min