Subscription issue with rates

I was a subscriber on 1st Aug… so why it is showing $5.99… it must be $2.99 as earlier i paid 200rs thats why i subscribed earlier… :frowning: @shaan7

Hi @CrAzZyShOoTeR

As mentioned in the subscription expiry notification email, if you fail to renew your subscription (which was at the lower price) before it expires you will lose access to the old plans.

i didn’t read that… i am sorry my fault i knw… but please can i get a second chance… i will keep note of that from now… please can you help to get old plan back?? @shaan7


Hi @CrAzZyShOoTeR

I sympathize with your situation but unfortunately we can’t really make exceptions in this case. I hope you understand.

please shaan… do something… please… i promise i will not let the subscription offer end and before that, i will recharge as soon as possible but never let the subscription expire… for once please help… please na do something… please… 399 is a lot for me… if i spend that much then there will be very few amount left of my pocket money… please for once do something…