Stop it SoStronk!

Stop giving SGP servers to Indians until the ping selector comes out. No one wants to play with 100+ ping. It is so annoying to see you guys assign Sgp servers to Indians just for the sake of promotion of your firm. To make those 2-3 asians happy, you guys ruin the game of 7-8 Indians. Dont worry. CSGO is dying and so will SoStronk. The player count is already decreasing exponentially. Atleast try to make the end memorable and happy.

We gotta worry lil bit if CSGO is dying.

There is no region filter and there never will be.

Right now the maxping is restricted to 110ms globally. We are working on adding a feature where you can control your maxping individually.

Its done automatically by considering pings ONLY, not region, see Keep getting sg servers due to one sg guy for an explanation.

Err what? I don’t see any promotion inside our PUG servers. We only advertise inside our DM servers. Stop saying bs.

You need to do your geography classes again, you are an Asian as well.


I dont mean to be rude. Surely. But its very annoying sometimes. 100+ ping is impossible to play with. And when you lag and cant kill and the Asian opponents mock you, its even more frustrating. All one can do at that time is curse SoStronk.

And I wouldnt say you were promoting your firm if you hadnt set the ping limit to 110. Like seriously? 110!!! Why would someone even want that high of a ping.

Haha I used to think the same but then threads like these came up Increase the acceptable ping on sostronk servers to 200. (UK player)

I still don’t see how thats promotion, the reason we do that is to increase the player pool which means more players available for the matchmaking to give a fair match.

The only way to make everyone happy is to let players set their maxping, and we’re working on it.

Exactly. The guy who made this thread doesnt know what serious competitive gaming means. Pretty sure he is a nova.
Try to play on a server with 100 ping. You will know what it feels like. (I dont know what your rank is)

Arent there enough players in India already? I’d rather play with a tougher competition than be in a laggy server. Pretty much everyone would.
I dont want to fight. But just think that the maximum ping should be lowered until ping adjustment is released.

I quoted the thread that I find the worst case (asking for 200), there are other threads where people ask for 120,140 and what not.

Hmm you don’t understand, I don’t make this call as an individual, its a team decision. We have to balance between good ping and queue time. If we were in a fantasy land, we could just set the ping to 5 and everyone will be happy.

No, our player pool is not enough right now to give a good match. There are so many support tickets from people who had to play an unbalanced game that its not even funny.

Sigh. Fine let me explain. Its not laggy server vs tougher competition. Its laggy server vs increased wait times.

Even if you did want to, it wouldn’t help.

Thanks for the feedback, its already at the lowest possible to give games to our userbase within acceptable wait time. Think about it once, why would we keep it high if we didn’t have good reasons? In spite of what you think, we all know how it is to play at 100 ms (and at 5ms in LAN).

What is the problem with region filters btw?
You guys have been saying that ur gonna add Ping Adjustment but it never came. Anti-Cheat too. Pretty sure it will take a year for the anti-cheat to come out. Go with easy options and dont be fancy. Add a region filter for those who want it. Pretty sure its easier than a ping filter.

I’ve already explained that, the real issue is that players don’t want to play on “bad” ping, its not region related. ISP routing can cause you, for example, to ping better to a region A even though its geographically farther.

Did I mention a release date? We’re working on it right now, its not like you flip a button and boom! We need to add server support, add API to the backend, ask our designer to implement a design, then implement it on the app, finally pass it on to the QA team, and then release.

I really hope not :slight_smile:

How exactly did you reach that conclusion without looking that the infra and the code? Our matchmaking service doesn’t even KNOW your region. So I’ll need to first add support for that. Compare that with ping which it already has an idea about.

tl;dr: Don’t assume random shit.

Rank: A- on esea and level 9 on faceit,Global in MM but sure i dont know what competitive gaming is, you’re really thick in your head arent you? look around 3rd party gaming platforms like CEVO,ESEA,FACEIT allow players upto 150 ping at the most. Try and do abit of research before come out with your retarded accusations.

@Zakuzor I dont give a fuck who you are. You might be the guy who is fucking comfortable on 150ping. I surely am not. And btw all the 3rd party servers allow upto 150ping but they only assign the servers on which the user has the least ping. If I get 70 ping on mumbai then why do I have to play on 110 ping? Yeah I admit my “pretty sure he is a nova” was wrong. But for me, playing on 110 ping fucking sucks.

Warning, be civil.

Same for SoStronk as well, the queue priority gives the user the least possible ping with 10 players. So if ALL 9 other players who ping good to Mumbai, you will get Mumbai. If there is even one person who pings more than maxping to Mumbai, the queue will wait few minutes to see if someone near you starts searching. Otherwise the server is launched in the next best location where everyone is less than max ping. Every matchmaking service out there works like that - just that some let you control the maxping (which we will soon do), and have more player base (in case of Valve MM)

Sorry about that. Im a little sensitive to bullshit.
Dont you think it would be better if you took the mode of pings instead of the mean. If 9 people get a good ping in Mumbai then why not let them play on a Mumbai server. Better Customer Satisfaction. Whenever a singapore server is created, the first thing Indian players say on entering the server is “kya b_k ch_di b_hnch_d”.

Because launching a 5v4 isn’t acceptable either.

I think all 3 of us are ‘roughly’ on the same page here. I have always played on Sostronk with my friends from Mumbai, so it was always played as 5 man premade against others on Mumbai servers, i know it would be a pain to play with if you’re solo queuing with higher ping and stuff. I’m not gonna argue on that.

Having said that, is Sostronk looking to implement the ping feature for premades or is it subscribers only?
if i remember correctly the Max acceptable ping used to around 140 and i was pinging 131 so i could play with my friends on Mumbai servers but ever since the max acceptable pings got reduced to 110 i cant play with them anymore :frowning:

I know what i am asking for is wishful thinking and that its impossible for Sostronk to fulfil everybody’s needs but i just thought it was worth a try.

Global maxping is 110 right now, but as you mentioned the ping selector will be subscriber only. We used the analytics over players searching and players who get a game and that was a necessary limitation to add.

Damn. Couldn’t you have said that before grandfathering started? :confused:

Atleast something you added to persuade users to subscribe. Nice move. Let the money roll in.

Forgive me for being dumb here, but if i get a subscription can i play with my non-subscriber friends as well bypassing the global maxping or all of them need to have the subscription for this feature to work ?