Steam id already taken


I created a steam account this 11th of june 2017 and yesterday purchased cs go in that account! when I created new account on sostronk and tried to link my steam id it says that this steam id is already taken! how ?


We get multiple reports where people connect their Steam IDs and forget that they have done it, its very possible.

You can go to and click on “Login with Steam”, you will then be logged into the SoStronk account that the Steam ID is connected to. If that doesn’t work, paste your steamcommunity profile link here and I’ll help you out.


Attaching a screenshot of my steam id details kindly look at the date of creating!


Why did you not try this? (I see the SoStronk account connected to this Steam ID was created on 16 June)


When I click on login with steam it takes me to different sostronk. There
inside when i go to edit profile the steam id mentioned is in attached photo


expecting a reply ? hope now u understand what i am trying to say! Please help!


Your steam ID 76561198395187189 is connected to MaD_MonSterr, you can use that to login.