Steam crashes whenever I launch CS GO with SoStronk running in the background

Steam crashes whenever I launch CS GO with SoStronk running in the background. It launches perfectly fine if I close SoStronk and then start it.


We do not have any specific recommendations on how to fix this particular issue. Please check if reinstalling Steam+CSGO helps.

I have the exact same issue. I got a cooldown because of this as well.

I have had the exact same issue, I am going to try and reinstall CS GO and hope it works. I have already reinstalled SoStronk and it didnt fix it for me. The only way my steam and game worked fine was when I turned off the Anti Cheat and tried to start the game. It would only crash with the Anti Cheat on.


This didnt seem to fix the issue either. SoStronk team, a solution for this problem will be appreciated.


We do not have a known solution to this yet because we have been unable to make it happen on our test machines.
Therefore, we are offering a refund to everyone who is facing this particular issue and is unable to solve it. Please send a refund request to (please include a link to this thread). The refund will be of the last payment you have made to SoStronk.

I figured it out. CS GO runs while SoStronk is running in the Background only if SoStronk Anti Cheat is turned off. No idea why tho

@Castul ah that is known. What we still need to figure out what exact setting/config makes that happen (because it is only happening with a specific set of users).

The issue is with Odin service. Many people are experiencing this. If you start AntiCheat (happens when you launch Sostronk) and then launch CSGO (even happens if you Stop the AntiCheat), steam crashes and csgo.exe keeps running in background making it impossible to kill the process due to Odin and Steam. Only solution is to Restart the computer.
Temporary workaround: Launch Sostronk only after you launch CSGO.

Currently trying to disable the Odin service and see if it fixes the issue.
Update: Force killing the odin task from task manager then killing csgo.exe then starting Steam again allows csgo to be launched.

Yes, again, that is known as well.

What we need is that what exact configuration (Windows settings / software / etc) is needed for this problem to happen (I tried it on the test machines we had, without luck). Without that, we can’t even start to diagnose the problem, let alone test a solution.

EDIT: Help in reproducing this problem is appreciated. If you know the steps to make this problem happen on a fresh Windows 10 installation, DM me with details.