Steam connected to wrong sostronk id


You can either change that email to something else or create an entirely new account with a new email. See Want to link my sostronk id to different steam account


shaan. I want to unlink my steam account with my current sostronk account since my sostronk account got some Error where I cant access my profile and team. can help me unlink it? @shaan7


I have replied to your PM, we will be fixing your profile page bug asap.


hey @shaan7 sir i accidently linked my sostronk account to the secondary account which is (
i want to change my steam id to main account which is (
plz help m nt able to play with my friends!!!


@coolvishalkadam Once you’ve connected a Steam account you can’t really disconnect it from a SoStronk account. To use another Steam account, just create a new SoStronk account.


@MisaBlue your profile has been fixed now. Let us know if you have any further problems.


Hey @shaan7
I have two steam accounts and I would like to connect my new steam account to the existing SoStronk ID. Kindly help me disconnecting my current SoStronk account from my old Steam ID.

Alias: Scrutyplays
New Steam Account:
Old Steam Account:

Or if possible, delete my existing account, I would like to start fresh with fresh stats on my account, maybe reset it or something like that.

Thank you in advance.


Steam accounts cannot be disconnected once they are connected to a SoStronk account. Also, SoStronk accounts cannot be deleted.
You need to create a new SoStronk account and connect it with your new Steam ID.


@shaan7 But, how will I register from the same email ID? And you have disconnected few accounts already ^^^ I guess.


Nope, see Steam connected to wrong sostronk id


@shaan7 My previous steam account has a VAC ban and i registered that steam acc with sostronk. Now i cant play. Is there any way i can disconnect the old steam account from sostronk and register my new steam id?



Can you pls disconnect my steam account from this sostronk account that would be nice of you and i have sent friend req

Sostronk account


Steam accounts cannot be disconnected from a SoStronk account once connected.


@shaan7 plz help me



@shaan7 done now plz fix this asap


Where’s the link to your steam profile?

#45 @shaan7


@2ez4Cheater should be fixed now, try again.