Steam connected to wrong sostronk id


i Have the same problem … pls help @shaan7
sostronk id - Genesis_SaiyajiN
steam profile -

pls disconnect my steam id from this sostronk id .
I have also added you on steam . pls accept


I have disconnected it from SoStronk alias avadvadv


okay hi so i have a problem,
i created a sostronk alias “p90” and linked it with steam and my email. i did not recieve a verification mail.

on not receiving a verification i created another alias “p90pro” and linked it with the same email, for which i recieved a verification, but im unable to now connect my steam to the second alias.

also im not recieving the verification mail for the first alias so as of now i can use neither, could you please disconnect my steam from the first alias? thank you

steam id :

unfortunately my steam account does not meet the requirement to be able to add you


@shaan7 please help

#18 this is my id and i want to disconnect the sostronk acc from this acc.


We have changed the registration rules a bit. From now on, if you have a unverified account to which you have connected your Steam ID and you entered the wrong email address, you can simply create a new account and connect your Steam ID to it.

We do not disconnect Steam IDs from verified accounts. However, if you’ve never been able to verify, read above ^


how to connect my sostronk id with steam bcz i cant play with sostronk thanks


@shaan7 one of my friend forgot his email id and pass for sostronk and now he want to play; help plz

Steam name - wHooSa
Steam link -
Sostonk email -
Steam id = STEAM_1:0:3503930


@Kick4ss he can use “Login with Steam” if he had connected his Steam ID. If not, he can just create a new account.


Hello sir my steam id is STEAM_0:1:3***053 and on my sostonk id it shows STEAM_1:1:3***053 help me out plz admins coz i really wanna play on sostronk give me a quick solution plz… i need to replace the initial 1 with 0 plz help
my steam profile id

Thanks regards ,
swaraj upadhyay


I have the same problem @shaan7 pls help me out i lost access to my old steam ac and have made a new ac new ac link- pls help me out


Create a new SoStronk account and connect your new Steam account to it


but i have my email linked with the ac ? @shaan7


You can either change that email to something else or create an entirely new account with a new email. See Want to link my sostronk id to different steam account


shaan. I want to unlink my steam account with my current sostronk account since my sostronk account got some Error where I cant access my profile and team. can help me unlink it? @shaan7


I have replied to your PM, we will be fixing your profile page bug asap.


hey @shaan7 sir i accidently linked my sostronk account to the secondary account which is (
i want to change my steam id to main account which is (
plz help m nt able to play with my friends!!!


@coolvishalkadam Once you’ve connected a Steam account you can’t really disconnect it from a SoStronk account. To use another Steam account, just create a new SoStronk account.


@MisaBlue your profile has been fixed now. Let us know if you have any further problems.


Hey @shaan7
I have two steam accounts and I would like to connect my new steam account to the existing SoStronk ID. Kindly help me disconnecting my current SoStronk account from my old Steam ID.

Alias: Scrutyplays
New Steam Account:
Old Steam Account:

Or if possible, delete my existing account, I would like to start fresh with fresh stats on my account, maybe reset it or something like that.

Thank you in advance.