Steam connected to wrong sostronk id

I have connected my steam account with wrong sostronk id
Steam name - Icestorm_33
Steam link -
Sostonk alias - Icestorm_33
Steam id STEAM_0:0:133017312

PLEASE HELP ME i have a tournament that i need to play via sostronk only

Jst go to edit profile and change it

What do you mean wrong SoStronk id, please clarify. I see it is connected to the SoStronk account SaYmYnAm3, is it yours?

No its not mine i dont Remember it thats why i am asking if anyone can reset my id i mean make it clear so that i can connect my steam id to my sostronk id. Ty in advance

Add as friend in Steam to prove that you own it. Once that is done, we will disconnect that from SoStronk and you can reconnect it.

Sent u Frnd reqst!

I’ve disconnected your Steam ID from SaYmYnAm3, you can now connect it to another account.

Thabk you

i want to ask u that my steam id is connected with wrong email plz help me

Share your steam community profile and add as a friend to prove that you own that account.
I will then disconnect it.

Hello sir i also connected my steam id is connected to wrong email id plz disconnect it

Paste your steamcommunity profile link here and then add as a friend and I’ll disconnect it for you.

My steam id is itsrockyh and it is connected to some other sostronk account i dont remember.
My current sostronk account is itsRocko and i wanted to use my steam id on it it.
can some 1 help out pls …and i sent a friend request to shaan7 .ps check

i Have the same problem … pls help @shaan7
sostronk id - Genesis_SaiyajiN
steam profile -

pls disconnect my steam id from this sostronk id .
I have also added you on steam . pls accept

I have disconnected it from SoStronk alias avadvadv

okay hi so i have a problem,
i created a sostronk alias “p90” and linked it with steam and my email. i did not recieve a verification mail.

on not receiving a verification i created another alias “p90pro” and linked it with the same email, for which i recieved a verification, but im unable to now connect my steam to the second alias.

also im not recieving the verification mail for the first alias so as of now i can use neither, could you please disconnect my steam from the first alias? thank you

steam id :

unfortunately my steam account does not meet the requirement to be able to add you

@shaan7 please help this is my id and i want to disconnect the sostronk acc from this acc.

We have changed the registration rules a bit. From now on, if you have a unverified account to which you have connected your Steam ID and you entered the wrong email address, you can simply create a new account and connect your Steam ID to it.

We do not disconnect Steam IDs from verified accounts. However, if you’ve never been able to verify, read above ^

how to connect my sostronk id with steam bcz i cant play with sostronk thanks